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Chapter 13 Notices Of Motion: 76 Giving Of Notices

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76 Giving of notices

(1) Notice of motion may be given by a senator stating its terms to the Senate and delivering at the table a copy of the notice, or by delivering the copy only. A copy of a notice shall be legible, signed by the senator and show the day proposed for moving the motion.

(2) If a notice of motion is given which contains matters not relevant to each other, the President may instruct the Clerk to divide the notice into 2 or more notices.

(3) Notices shall be entered by the Clerk on the Notice Paper in the order in which they are delivered at the table.

(4) A senator may, on request, give notice for any other senator not then present, and 2 or more senators may place their names on a notice as movers.

(5) A notice of motion shall not be given after the Senate has proceeded to the business of the day, except by leave of the Senate.

(6) A senator giving notice of motion in general terms shall deliver at the table a copy of the complete motion at least one day prior to that for which the notice has been given.

(7) A notice shall consist of a clear and succinct proposed resolution or order of the Senate relating to matters within the competence of the Senate, and shall not contain statements, quotations or other matter not strictly necessary to make the proposed resolution or order intelligible.

(8) The President may delete extraneous matter from notices and may require a senator giving a notice contrary to the standing orders to reframe the notice.

(9) A senator may not give 2 notices of motion consecutively, if another senator has a notice to give.

(10) No notice or contingent notice shall have effect for the day on which it is given.

(amended 23 August 1990, 30 November 1999)