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Questions Seeking Information: Form of Petitions

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70 Form of petitions

(1) A petition shall be fairly written, typed, or printed without interlineation or erasure.

(2) A petition shall contain a request for action by the Senate or the Parliament.

(3) A petition shall be in the English language, or be accompanied by a translation, certified by the senator who presents it to be correct.

(4) Every signature shall be written on a page bearing the petition, and shall not be pasted upon or otherwise transferred to it.

(5) A petition shall be signed by the petitioners with their names, but may be signed by a person for another in case of incapacity by sickness. A person not able to write may make a mark in the presence of a witness, who shall sign as such.

(6) Petitions of corporations may be made under their common seal.

(7) No letters, affidavits, or other documents shall be attached to a petition.