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Chapter 10 Petitions: 69 Presentation Of Petitions

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69 Presentation of petitions

(1) A petition shall be lodged with the Clerk, at least 3 hours before the meeting of the Senate at which it is proposed to have it presented, and in order to be presented must bear the Clerk’s certificate that it is in conformity with the standing orders.

(2) At the time provided the Clerk shall make an announcement that petitions have been lodged. At the commencement of the sitting a list shall be circulated indicating in respect of each petition the senator who presents it, the number of signatures, and the subject matter of the petition.

(3) Every petition presented shall be deemed to have been received by the Senate unless a motion, moved at the time provided, that a petition be not received, is agreed to.

(4) The texts of the petitions received shall be printed in Hansard.

(5) A petition shall not be presented after notices of motion have been given, but when the mover of a motion is called or when an order of the day is read for the first time, a petition referring to it may be presented.

(6) A senator presenting a petition shall place the senator’s name at the beginning of it, together with a statement of the number of signatures.

(7) Petitions may be presented to the Senate only by a senator, and a senator may not present a petition from that senator.

(8) A petition not certified under paragraph (1) may be presented in accordance with this standing order with the approval of the President if the President is satisfied that exceptional circumstances warrant its presentation.

(amended 6 March 1997)