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Chapter 5 Standing And Select Committees: 38 Reports

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General committee provisions

  • Reports

(1) The chairman of a committee shall prepare a draft report and submit it to the committee.

(2) After a draft report has been considered and agreed to by a committee, with or without amendment, a minority or dissenting report may be added to the report by any member or group of members, and any member or participating member may attach to the report relevant conclusions and recommendations of that member.

(3) If any senator other than the chairman submits a draft report to a committee, the committee shall first decide upon which report it will proceed.

(4) After a draft report has been considered the whole or any part of it may be reconsidered and amended.

(5) A report of a committee shall be signed and presented to the Senate by the chairman.

(6) By order of the Senate a committee may report from time to time its proceedings or evidence.

(7) If the Senate is not sitting when a committee has prepared a report for presentation, the committee may provide the report to the President or, if the President is unable to act, to the Deputy President, or, if the Deputy President is unavailable, to any one of the Temporary Chairmen of Committees, and, on the provision of the report:

(a) the report shall be deemed to have been presented to the Senate;

(b) the publication of the report is authorised by this standing order;

(c) the President, the Deputy President, or the Temporary Chairman of Committees, as the case may be, may give directions for the printing and circulation of the report; and

(d) the President shall lay the report upon the table at the next sitting of the Senate.

(amended 24 August 1994, 13 February 1997)