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Chapter 5 Standing And Select Committees: 30 Meetings

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General committee provisions

30 Meetings

(1) The mover of a committee, if a member of it, shall fix the time for the first meeting of the committee; if the mover is not a member the secretary shall fix the time.

(2) Notice of meetings subsequent to the first meeting shall be given by the secretary attending the committee:

(a) pursuant to resolution of the committee;

(b) on instruction of the chairman; or

(c) upon a request by a quorum of members of the committee.

(3) A committee is authorised to hold meetings by electronic communication without the members of the committee or witnesses being present in one place, provided that:

(a) when a committee deliberates, members of the committee constituting a quorum are able to speak to, and hear, each other contemporaneously;

(b) when a witness gives oral evidence, members of the committee constituting a quorum are able to hear the witness contemporaneously and to put questions to the witness in each other’s hearing; and

(c) the chair of such a meeting takes care to ensure that a quorum is maintained during the meeting and that the standing orders and rules of the Senate are observed.

(amended 13 February 1997)