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Mr John Noble Core Rogers, I.S.O. - details of Mr Rogers' career with the Department of the Interior

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Mr John Noble Core Rogers, I.S.O„ - Details of Mr Rogers' career with

the Department of the Interior '

Mr J.N.C. Rogers, who died on 14 October, was a former Commonwealth

Surveyor-General and member of the ACT Advisory Council. . -Mr Rogers joined the Department of the Interior as a surveyor in

1935. In 1949 he was appointed Surveyor-General and Chief Property Officer.

He became Assistant Secretary of the A.C.T. Planning and Development

Branch in 1951, a post which included the duties of Surveyor-General. He

retired as Surveyor-General in 1963. . ·

" Prom 1940 to 1951 Mr Rogers was sponsible for major property

transactions of the Commonwealth, and in 1945 was instrumental in the ·

formation of the National Mapping Council to co-ordinate surveys and mapping

between the' Commonwealth and all States. He was a member of the Council

from 1949-1963 and its chairman from 1949-1951. ' ■ Mr Rogers became one of the Department's representatives on the ACT

Advisory Council in 1949.- After retirement he continued with the Department

in a special advisory capacity and as a member of the Advisory Council

until 1965.

When the Canberra Building Review Committee was set up in 1965.Mr

Rogers became its chairman, a position he held until his death, and was .

also deputy to the chairman of the Design and Siting Review Committee, set up in the same year. '

• Other positions held by Mr Rogers included: Pellow of the Institution

of Surveyors (Australia); foundation president of the Canberra, Division ·

of the Institution, formed in 1959;. member, from 1967, of the ACT

Surveyors' Board. .

In 1950 he was elected an honorary member of the Commonwealth Institute

of. Valuers, and represented Australia at several Commonwealth Survey

Officers' Conferences in England. . ‘ .

■ ' In 1964 Mr Rogers was awarded the Imperial Service Order in

recognition of his long and valued service to the Commonwealth.

15 October 1971