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Small IT companies benefit from new Government contract

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Federal Minister for Administrative Services

The Honourable David Jull, MP


Small IT companies benefit from new Government contract

Small Australian companies providing service and support for IT equipment are set to benefit from new Government contract arrangements.

The Federal Minister for Administrative Services, Mr David Jull, announced in Canberra today the calling o f tenders for PE68, the Government’s new IT services panel contract.

"In the past, Government panel contracts have mainly concentrated on IT products, which are usually manufactured by big corporations", Mr Jull said.

"PE68 demonstrates the new Government’s commitment to small and medium business by giving them the opportunity to bid for government work in the IT services area".

The new panel contract covers a wide range o f activities from large-scale systems integration to project management, skilled resourcing, education and training, applications development and maintenance services.

"Press ads requesting tenders will appear on Monday 25 March and w e’re expecting that up to 300 companies will apply", M r Jull said.

"To be admitted to the contract, companies will have to become Government Endorsed Suppliers. That status will also help them sell to the private sector and in the export market".

Initial tenders close on 30 April 1996, but companies may apply for admission to PE68 at any time during the life o f the contract. Tender details are available by contacting Purchasing Australia on 1 800 804 761 or via the internet at

Contact: Brian Stewart, DAS Media Unit, 06 275 3507

20 March 1996

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