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Union's must stop the kiddie recruitment drive.

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Thu, 11th June 2009

Union's must stop the kiddie recruitment drive

Mr Michael Keenan MP Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

NSW schools will soon commence allowing union officials into classrooms to coerce young students into joining a union. Known as ‘Unionstart’, this program will be encouraged by the NSW Government in conjunction with UnionsNSW and will pressure young children to join a union at a ‘discount rate’ of $10 per week.

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Mr Michael Keenan MP, today expressed his concern with the program and has called on Julia Gillard to put a stop to the program.

“Unionstart must stop” said Mr Keenan.

“Our schools are supposed to be apolitical and a place where young people go to receive an education - not be forced to listen to the views of minority interest groups and be pressured into signing up.

“The Coalition supports educating workers about their rights however exposing young students to lectures from union officials is not the right way to go about it.

“Unionstart will not be apolitical or unbiased. Parents and schools should be very concerned about this program.

Recent data confirms that union membership figures continue to decline, particularly amongst young people.

“This program has nothing to do with education - and is squarely focussed on recruitment” said Mr Keenan.

“I call on the Workplace Relations Minister Julia Gillard, who is also the Minister for Education, to say whether this program is appropriate for our schools and young people, or is a good use of our children’s precious time in education.”