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Nairn and the Liberals caught re-writing the history books.

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Media Release

Mike Kelly AM MP Federal Member for Eden-Monaro Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support

Office of the Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM MP

Member for Eden-Monaro, Shop 16, City Link Plaza, Morisset Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Thursday 27 November 2008

Nairn and the Liberals caught re-writing the history books

The former Member for Eden-Monaro Gary Nairn and the Shadow Minister for Water Greg Hunt have been caught out trying to deceive the people of Eden-Monaro over an important water announcement made last week.

The Federal Member for Eden-Monaro Mike Kelly MP, said that the Liberals were deliberately trying to claim credit for a Labor policy to fix the Braidwood Sewerage treatment.

Dr Kelly said the most outrageous thing about this is that Gary Nairn originally attacked Labor’s plan, then four days later he back-flipped and decided he would announce the same policy and then over a year after being voted out he comes out and claims he announced them first.

The timeline is clear: • 5 October 2007 - Labor announces $6.6 million to fix Braidwood’s sewerage infrastructure. (See - • 5 October 2007 - Gary Nairn claims the Labor announcement is an election stunt.

(See - • 9 October 2007 - Gary Nairn back-flips and copies Labor water policy. (See - • 20 November 2008 - Labor fulfils another election promise. • 20 November 2008 - Shadow Minister for Water Greg Hunt calls Labor’s announcement

“dishonest and disingenuous”

Dr Kelly said; “It is clear that Greg Hunt and Gary Nairn are trying to rewrite the history books here and are deceiving the people of Eden-Monaro.

“This is a return to the Howard years of false claims and deception. Gary Nairn has clearly not learnt anything from losing the last election. The people of Eden-Monaro want an honest and hard-working local member.

“It has taken a year to clear up Gary Nairn’s unfunded and irresponsible promises to the people of Eden-Monaro.

“I know people are not interested in bragging rights - but there was one very clear difference between our commitment and Gary Nairn’s commitment. Our commitment followed extensive consultation and was fully funded and costed. Gary Nairn’s commitment was rushed-out and was not fully funded or costed - it was another of the famous Howard Government’s ‘non-core’ promises.

“I will be getting on with the job of working hard to deliver on my election promises to the people of Eden-Monaro and I am proud to be able to have delivered on these water promises with Penny Wong”, said Dr Kelly.

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