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Real local solutions for better healthcare in Canberra.

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Gary Humphries: Standing up for Real Local Solutions

SENATOR GARY HUMPHRIES Liberal Senator for the ACT



In the ACT, healthcare has been neglected by Labor. We have the worst emergency waiting times and the longest wait for elective surgery as well as one of the lowest bulk billing rates in Australia.

Understanding this, I have been a strong advocate for real local solutions for our health system. That’s why I’m very pleased that, if elected, a Coalition Government will make a significant investment in health and hospitals as well as provide the necessary framework to support GPs.

The Coalition has a real action plan to support GPs and boost Medicare to help ensure families have better access to after-hours care, more preventative health care and better chronic disease management.

In the ACT, we have the lowest rate of bulk-billing doctors in Australia. Labor’s proposal is to build a new building but with no plan to provide the doctors to fill it, except by cannibalising existing medical centres, plus more of the same mismanagement from the Stanhope Labor Government which doesn’t even know if it owns a hospital!

On the other hand, the Liberals will boost after hours GP services by increasing the Medicare rebates and will retain and strengthen the After Hours Practice Incentive Payment.

We will boost Medicare to support GPs providing better chronic and complex care by increasing rebates for longer GP consultations.

This investment will better recognise the time GPs spend with patients who have complex and chronic conditions.

The Coalition will invest in Medicare rebates for practice nurses, increasing and expanding related rebates. Practice nurses can provide valuable additional clinical care for patients, particularly those with complex needs.

These initiatives will reduce pressure on public hospital emergency departments by better utilising GP services and offer a real local solution for our health and hospital system after years of neglect by Labor.

This announcement will mean a greater investment directly into our health system which is a real local solution that Canberra requires.

I am proud of this real local solutions package that will deliver for our community.

10 August 2010