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Airport regulation review an admission of failure.

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Media Release SENATOR KERRY O’BRIEN SHADOW MINISTER FOR TRANSPORT JOEL FITZGIBBON MP SHADOW ASSISTANT TREASURER SHADOW MINISTER FOR COMPETITION 16 March 2006 AIRPORT REGULATION REVIEW AN ADMISSION OF FAILURE News the Howard Government intends to bring forward a review of its ‘light handed’ approach to airport regulation is an admission its current policy has failed. Ever since the Howard Government embarked on its airport privatisation program is has been deaf to allegations about price abuses by operators. The latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission airport pricing report shows that airport charging is out of control and the Howard Government’s ‘light handed’ airport regulation is not working. The ACCC found that aeronautical charges have risen by as much as 163 per cent since 2002 - a cost which the airlines are passing on in passenger ticket prices. Labor demands an independent, open and transparent review of the Howard Government’s failed ‘light handed’ approach. An internal ‘behind close doors’ review will demonstrate the government is more serious about hiding its failures than fixing the mess it created. Kerry O’Brien 0419 007 780 Joel Fitzgibbon 0418 293 372 Mathew Jose (O’Brien) 0407 435 624 Tarryn Edwards (Fitzgibbon) 0417 140 933