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Treasury modelling dead in the water: white paper must be delayed.

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The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and COAG and Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Emissions Trading Design

Revelations that the Government’s much delayed economic modelling for an emissions trading scheme will inexplicably not take into account the global financial meltdown has left it dead in the water.

“The Rudd Government must hold back finalising its White Paper until the modelling reflects real life and until the more than 2,000 contributors to the Green Paper then have an opportunity to assess the impact on their business and employees, and update their submissions.

“The whole process around the Government’s Green Paper on an emissions trading scheme has been a shambles. It has been started and finished without the critical Treasury modelling that was supposed to be released in July,” said the Shadow Minister for Emissions Trading Design, the Hon. Andrew Robb AO MP.

“Business needs this modelling to undertake detailed analysis of what effect an emissions trading scheme will have on them and their employees.

“Now we find out the modelling will not even take into account the global financial crisis. It will not be worth the paper it is written on.

“I have met and spoken with many of the businesses who have made submissions and every one of them has raised the concern that they are totally in the dark until the modelling is presented.

“This modelling is essential for them to undertake any real analysis.

“It is no wonder that a poll published today shows a collapse in public support for Labor’s handling of climate change,” Mr Robb said.

“People increasingly recognise that Australia best tackles climate change from a position of economic strength - with people in jobs, and companies making profits and paying taxes.

“The flip-flopping, “L”-plate performances by Mr Swan and Mr Rudd on critical economic matters is driving the growing public concern about the Rudd Government’s ability to effectively manage climate change.”