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Appointment of a new Petrol Commissioner.

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The Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs, Chris Bowen MP, has announced the Government’s intention to recommend to the Governor-General the appointment of Mr Joe Dimasi as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Petrol Commissioner for a term of five years.

"The Government is pleased to announce its intention to appoint Mr Joe Dimasi as the Petrol Commissioner," Mr Bowen said.

"Mr Dimasi is dedicated to improving the competitive outcomes of the fuel industry in Australia, and his background in economics and regulation will prove useful in the Government’s plans to implement the FuelWatch legislation by the end of this year."

"I am confident that Mr Dimasi will bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to this role."

"The ACCC has also advised that prior to his formal appointment; Mr Dimasi will focus his efforts at the ACCC on petrol prices."

The Petrol Commissioner will be responsible for overseeing formal price monitoring and investigating petrol prices, including scrutinising documents and other information from participants in the petrol supply chain.

The Petrol Commissioner will also have the responsibility for the informal monitoring LPG and diesel prices.

The proposed appointment of Mr Dimasi as the ACCC Petrol Commissioner is subject to both the Governor-General’s approval and the approval of the States and Territories.


Mr Dimasi holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Economics.

He is currently the Executive General Manager of the Regulatory Affairs Division of the ACCC and has been in this position since 1996. Prior to this, he was an Assistant Commissioner of the Industry Commission (now the Productivity Commission).

Mr Dimasi was also a Senior Economist in a number of organisations including the Victorian Departments of the Treasury, Premier and Cabinet, and the Department of Business.

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