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Rhiannon changes tune on food security.

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Rhiannon changes tune on food security 26-July-2010 Source: Senator John Williams -

Greens Senate candidate Lee Rhiannon is engaging in a cynical vote-grabbing exercise by suddenly pretending to care about farming, according to the Nationals Senator for New South Wales John Williams. He said the Greens have a poor track record in regional Australia and have never engaged the agricultural sector except to cause angst with their radical policies. Senator Williams said the Greens were hand in hand with the Carr Labor Government when it introduced the controversial SEPP 46 legislation and later the Native Vegetation Conservation Act. "They treated farmers like criminals when it came to land clearing. Farmers have been forced to lock up their land with absolutely no compensation. It was the Greens who championed and supported this policy. They have demanded land be turned into National Parks, closing down state forests and banning grazing, resulting in massive fires and the destruction of our environment. They have worked hand in hand with the National Parks Association and the Labor government to lock up the red gum forests in the south of New South Wales, costing industry and jobs. No doubt those forests will be destroyed by fire in the future, and red gum will not tolerate fire at all. But Lee Rhiannon, in an effort to shore up her run for the Senate, is now trying to embrace the farming community and claims she cares about food security. Regional Australia will see through this charade.