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Make up your mind, Kate!

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Senator Gary Humphries Senator for the ACT

Date : Tuesday, 4 April 2006


Author : Sen. Gary Humphries

"I am extremely concerned about the seriousness of these allegations, particularly in the context of other reports of mistreatment and underpayment of a number of Filipino migrant workers by Canberra employers." - Senator Kate Lundy, The Canberra Times 9/2/2006.

"ACT Labor Senator Kate Lundy has accused the Federal Government of taking action against Canberra businesses accused of mistreating foreign workers in an attempt to deflect criticism over its new industrial relations law." - ABC 666, Today.

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has challenged Kate Lundy to make up her mind about whether she wants action against Canberra businesses accused of mistreatment of overseas workers. The Australian Government yesterday announced that the Office of Workplace Services (OWS) has commenced proceedings against a Canberra restaurant and is investigating other non-compliant employers. But Senator Lundy, who previously wanted the allegations investigated, is now undermining the work of the OWS. "It appears Senator Lundy did not have a genuine interest in the well-being of the workers, rather an interest in what they could deliver for her politically," Senator Humphries said today. "If she feels these workers have been mistreated, she should support fully the actions of OWS. "If Senator Lundy wanted justice for these workers, wouldn't she be encouraging them to assist OWS with its investigation? "For Senator Lundy to draw this long bow between this issue and the Government's workplace reforms shows the desperation of Labor and the unions to use anybody or anything to support their fear campaign on IR. "It's no wonder union membership is plunging when the labour movement's political wing engages in this sort of opportunistic behaviour - something Kim Beazley might be aware of following his disastrous visit to Canberra last week," Senator Humphries said.