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Still no application from state government for extra Longford flood levee funds.

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Still No Application From State Government For Extra Longford Flood Levee Funds

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Senator Guy Barnett today urged Premier Paul Lennon to stop grandstanding on the Longford flood levee and get an application in to the Australian Government for an extra $837,000 in funding.

“As of Wednesday night this week we have still not received an application from the State Government - and yet earlier on Wednesday Mr Lennon used a media conference to call on the Howard Government to come up with almost $1 million in

extra funds,” he said.

“The State Government should know better than to apply for funding through the media. This is no small matter. The flood levee was originally estimated to cost $2,049,999 with the three levels of government each contributing $683,333.

“The council now advises that this estimate was wrong, with the estimated total cost of the project being $4,562,000, or a cost increase of 123%. The details of this shock increase will need to be set out in the application.

“This extra call on funds will mean the State and Australian Governments being up for an extra $837,000 each. Such a substantial call on taxpayers’ money deserves an explanation and a detailed application - but where is it?

“I have already spoken to Local Government, Territories and Roads Minister Jim Lloyd about direct representations made to me from the Northern Midlands Council, and I am confident the extra funding will be forthcoming.

However, the State Government has a responsibility to taxpayers to investigate the levee cost increase and explain this in a formal application for the funds,” Senator Barnett said.

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