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Labor's diversions on transport funding continue.

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Warren Truss Leader of The Nationals Shadow Minister for Trade, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Federal Member for Wide Bay


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21 October 2008

Labor’s diversions on transport funding continue

According to a parliamentary question list provided by accident to the media today, Labor planned to attack the former Coalition government in Parliament over alleged “pork barrelling on roads”.

“Labor obviously decided the Infrastructure Minister’s prepared answer wasn’t much chop, and the question from his own side was not asked,” said a disappointed Shadow Transport Minister, Warren Truss.

“Nevertheless, I call on Minister Anthony Albanese to come clean and tell us which projects around Australia he considered were unnecessary and should never have been funded.

“Once you do Minister, I’ll make sure that members of the particular local communities who benefited from federal Coalition funding know exactly what you think of the work done to make it easier for them to get to work, or take their children to school.

“The fact that Labor would even consider going down such a blind alley shows how desperate the Government has become over its failure to deliver infrastructure funding.

“The Government hid for a week that $14.7 billion scheduled to be placed into three infrastructure funds this financial year is now no longer guaranteed.

“The truth was only revealed under Coalition questioning in Parliament yesterday. You sometimes get the truth when the Opposition asks questions of the Government, but complete nonsense every time the Government asks itself questions.

“Mr Albanese has thrown up diversion after diversion in an effort to paper over the cracks in Labor’s funding. Last week he was telling superannuation funds they should be backing the Government’s pet transport projects - to thunderous disapproval from the funds themselves who are responsible for safeguarding members’ money.

“Next he floated a $600 million fund for councils to build and upgrade local roads and bridges, but has reportedly held off making the real announcement for a month. With Labor, it’s all about managing the news cycle, not the real infrastructure needs of this country,” Mr Truss said.