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Further resources to inquiry into Ms Cornelia Rau.

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Further Resources to Inquiry into Ms Cornelia Rau

VPS 037/2005

Minister for Immigration, Amanda Vanstone, announced today she had agreed to a request for further resources for the inquiry headed by former AFP Commissioner, Mick Palmer, into the circumstances of Ms Cornelia Rau’s period in immigration detention.

‘In view of the logistical and inter-jurisdictional spread of the necessary inquiries and his own personal circumstances, Mr Palmer has requested additional high-level resources to ensure that the inquiry can be completed as expeditiously as possible,’ the Minister said.

‘As a consequence, Mr Neil Comrie, a distinguished former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police has been engaged to augment senior resources available to Mr Palmer.

‘Additionally, Mr Palmer has identified the need for involvement of a respected mental health expert in the inquiry process and approval has been given for this to occur.

‘Mr Palmer is presently negotiating the secondment of an appropriate practitioner.

‘Mr Palmer has also confirmed that work to date indicates that the original reporting date (24th March) for the inquiry will need to be extended and a new date will be confirmed in due course in consultation with me.

‘As I emphasized when appointing Mr Palmer, he has been given a free hand in relation to all aspects of the inquiry and the Government is willing to consider requests for further resources in the light of his on-going inquiries.’

27 February 2005


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