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Kissing babies doesn't mean Labor is family friendly.

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Senator Steve Fielding  Leader of Family First 


Family First Leader Senator Steve Fielding says Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan can kiss as many babies as they want but at the end of the day they won’t support the parents who have to bring them up.

Senator Fielding said the Labor Government doesn’t care about families because they cut the childcare rebate and reneged on a promise to build 260 childcare centres during their first term.

“Just because the PM is kissing babies for the cameras doesn’t mean she’s actually doing anything for parents,” Senator Fielding said.

“Sure kissing babies looks good for the cameras but sadly it’s just a case of more spin than substance from Labor.

“Gillard’s family friendly sell is just likes Rudd’s con when he tried to sell health reform by dragging the cameras along as he went from hospital to hospital.

“All the babies the PM has been kissing are going to need someone to look after them and I can guarantee you it won’t be a Labor Government helping the parents out given their track record.

“At the end of the day parents are $278 worse off because of the Labor Government’s cuts to the childcare rebate.”

Senator Fielding said it was time the two major parties stood up and announced real policy when it comes to childcare and helping parents.

“The Government is heading in the complete opposite direction of the Henry Tax Review which recommended more assistance for families in the area of childcare,” Senator Fielding said.

“Ken Henry’s idea of giving low-income families a 90 percent subsidy for childcare makes a lot more sense than making a wholesale cut to the rebate like Labor did.

“We should be doing more to support families by taking the financial pressure of childcare off our most vulnerable people.”