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Latham's froth and bubble budget.

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Latham's froth and bubble budget

DAFF04/86M 13 May 2004

Border security, Australia's primary industries and Regional Australia have been thrown out the window following Mark Latham's froth and bubble budget.

In my own portfolio, vital projects like the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative, the aquaculture industry and quarantine commitments have been omitted. The Coalition delivered a Budget for all Australian mothers - Mr Latham only knows motherhood statements.

Investments in Australia Howard Government Latham Opposition

$3 million to combat northern illegal fishing

$1 million for Aquaculture

$15 million for Forestry in Western Australia

$89.2 million for armed patrols of the Southern Ocean to protect Australia's fishing resources

$20 million for the Australian Government Envirofund

$3.7 million to develop a national system to manage introduced marine pests

$42.7 million for Artesian Basin Recovery

As Mr Latham has proved yet again, Labor is strong on rhetoric but weak on substance, and is quite clearly not fit to govern a nation. Only one side of politics is prepared to protect your future.

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