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Anderson disgraces himself yet again on road safety.

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Martin Ferguson MP

Shadow Minister for Urban and Regional Development Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

5 October 2004


For the second time in a week the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Nationals, John Anderson, has gone beyond the pale on the serious issue of road safety.

The Nationals website today is carrying the claim that “City drivers are bad, City learner drivers are worse” in a disgraceful attempt to score political points.

I am horrified that Mr Anderson would sink to the absolute depths of the political barrel by making such a flippant, insensitive and irresponsible statement.

Road safety is an important and serious issue, yet Mr Anderson treats it as a joke and a political plaything.

If he was serious about reducing the road death toll and making our roads safer for all users, he would support Labor’s Safer Roads policy, announced today, instead of using the issue as the basis for political attack.

Labor believes that learning to drive is a serious and important event in young people’s lives and I find it abhorrent that Mr Anderson would use learner drivers as the butt of a political joke.

John Anderson is a disgrace as a Transport Minister.

He should immediately withdraw the reference from the Nationals website and apologise for going way beyond what is acceptable in a political campaign.

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