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Universities first to the guillotine in ‘Citizen Gillard’s’ Education Revolution.

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Universities first to the guillotine in ‘Citizen Gillard’s’ Education Revolution

“Sources within the tertiary sector have confirmed that the removal of universities’ full fee paying domestic students will leave their revenue stream up to 10% worse off,” Christopher Pyne, Shadow Minister for Education said today.

New funding arrangements finalised by the Rudd Government could see a funding shortfall of more than $50,000,000 over five years for some universities, compared to the anticipated income growth of revenue from full-fee paying students over the same period.

“The Rudd Government has dealt a blow to universities, students and taxpayers because of their ideological and illogical approach to full fee paying domestic students,” Mr Pyne said.

“Firstly, they are denying Australians the chance to study at University as a full-fee paying student, while supporting overseas students doing the same thing,” he said.

“Secondly, they have replaced lost revenue from axing full-fee paying domestic students with taxpayers’ money - when students have shown they are prepared to pay to improve their future incomes and job prospects.

“So students are worse off, universities are worse off and taxpayers are worse off. Exactly who are supposed to be the winners under Labor’s policies? The Education Revolution is looking shakier by the day.

“It’s another example of the Minister for Education having too much on her plate and the details slipping through her fingers,” Mr Pyne said.

29 October 2008


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