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Kerr exposes uselessness of GROCERY choice.

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- MEDIA RELEASE - SENATOR THE HON. ERIC ABETZ Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

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A0868 21st August 2008

Kerr exposes uselessness of GROCERYchoice

Senior Labor Parliamentary Secretary Duncan Kerr has exposed the uselessness of the Government's much-vaunted "GROCERYchoice" website with the release of his own latest "Pricewatch" survey of grocery prices in Hobart.

"Several months ago I caught Mr Kerr out changing the methodology of his "Pricewatch" survey to exclude comparisons with previous months, and so trying to hide grocery price rises under the Rudd Labor Government", Senator Eric Abetz said.

"Now Mr Kerr has inadvertently revealed in detail just how useless GROCERYchoice is.

"GROCERYchoice maintains that supermarket chains have the same prices for a basket of goods from - for example, Dover to Bicheno, Hobart to Derwent Bridge - over a distance of hundreds of kilometres.

"Yet Mr Kerr's survey confirms that prices vary significantly, even within supermarket chains, from suburb to suburb.

"For example, at Woolworths Sandy Bay the "basket" is $47.95, yet at Woolworths New Town (barely 10 kilometres away) it's just $41.19 - over 16 percent less.

"GROCERYchoice tells me to shop at Woolworths in "southern Tasmania" for the best deals, yet doesn't tell me that I should do so in New Town for the biggest savings - or indeed that Coles in New Town is much cheaper than Woolworths in Sandy Bay.

"It is telling of Mr Kerr's contempt for GROCERYchoice that rather than directing people to it, he directs people to the ABS latest survey of retail prices - something which commenced under the previous Howard Government.

"It is also notable that Mr Kerr has included independents separately in his Pricewatch "for the first time" - something GROCERYchoice fails to do."

Senator Abetz also questioned the nature of Mr Kerr's basket of "16 staple goods."

"I am not sure how many of Mr Rudd's Working Families buy expensive "gourmet" tomatoes, designer bread, soy milk, and no meat whatsoever in their weekly shopping basket.

"Mr Kerr is as out of touch with his shopping list as GROCERYchoice is with consumer needs.

** Journalists please note: for a copy of Mr Kerr's latest newsletter, just ask him nicely. He released it to the media earlier today. Of else access it at