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Lowy poll confirms Government faililng on whaling.

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water 29 September 2008 Lowy Poll Confirms Government Failing on Whaling Today’s Lowy Institute Poll 2008 confirms the growing view that the Government is failing on whaling. The national annual survey found that: “Only a third said the government’s response is about right.” The report said the majority of people believed the government should do more to pressure Japan to stop whaling. I have no doubt that the survey results demonstrate the growing sense by Australians of betrayal by the Rudd Government’s failure to deliver on its anti-whaling promises. Will Peter Garrett ever announce his promised whaling envoy? Will Kevin Rudd ever deliver on his repeated promise to take the whaling issue to the International Court of Justice? With the new whaling season almost upon us, these remain effectively broken promises. The Government has also been silent on the expanding membership of the International Whaling Commission by smaller states with no whaling history or maritime connection. Either it must state categorically that there is no vote buying or raise it at the highest level with Japan. The simple truth is that the Rudd Government used the whaling issue for political gain in the lead up to the election and is now failing to deliver on their promises. Today’s poor polling for the Government in the Lowy Institute survey reflects the growing cynicism and disappointment at this failure to deliver. No wonder only a third of Australians survey thought the Government was on the right track on whaling. Media contact: John Deller on 03 5979 3188 or 0400 496 596