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This time it's the Treasurer taking credit for Coalition policy.

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Michael Keenan MP Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Superannuation and Corporate Governance

Important tax cuts that will bring relief to lower and middle income earners are Coalition policy - not Labor's.

Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Michael Keenan MP, said today that the Treasurer's boisterousness over Labor's planned tax cuts was another extraordinarily desperate attempt for the new Government to take credit for Coalition policy.

Mr Keenan said the Coalition is the party of tax relief and reform.

Let's look at the record.

In government, the Coalition delivered tax reform in 2000 and tax cuts. There were further tax cuts in the budgets in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Labor opposed tax reform. Labor also opposed tax cuts to hard working Australians and tax relief for seniors.

The Coalition took a comprehensive tax policy to the 2007 election. Labor did not have a tax policy until it copied the Coalition's.

Mr Keenan said: ''The Australian people are wise to the Treasurer and are not going to be fooled by another Labor stunt - this time claiming they are responsible for the tax relief taking effect from July 1, 2008.''

Mr Keenan added that the Treasurer's comments in The Daily Telegraph today that the tax cuts would benefit those who ''are doing it tough at the moment'' were laughable.

''Perhaps the Treasurer should also explain to Australian families why the Petrol Commissioner hasn't been able to lower prices at the bowser, why grocery prices continue to rise - and why he continues to stir up inflationary fears when the Reserve Bank Governor has said that inflation is not out of control,'' Mr Keenan said.