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Legislation to amend unfair dismissal laws introduced

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News Release Hon. Laurie Brereton MPMinister for Transport ♦ Minister for Industrial RelationsLR14/95 29 June, 1995LEGISLATION TO AMEND UNFAIR DISMISSAL LAWS INTRODUCEDAmendments to improve the handling of unfair dismissal applications were introduced into Parliament this morning, the Minister for Industrial Relations, Laurie Brereton, said today.The Industrial Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 1995 will amend the Industrial Relations Act 1988 to: . '• ensure all unfair dismissal applications commence in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) rather than in the Industrial Relations Court of Australia;• allow voluntary binding arbitration o f claims by the AIRC to encourage their non- legalistic resolution;• allow any State system to operate which provides an adequate alternative remedy which genuinely conforms to International Labour Organisation Convention 158;• require the Court to consider all o f the circumstances o f an unfair dismissal case in deciding whether a dismissal is justified and what remedy should be given if it is not.M r Brereton announced the changes last week following consultations with State counterparts, the ACTU and employer groups. The legislation will be debated in the August session of Parliament.“The proposed changes will make the handling o f unfair dismissals simpler, more effective and less legalistic as well as continue to guarantee this important protection for workers who are unfairly dismissed,” Mr Brereton said.Media contact: Kate Hannon (06) 277 7320