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Car industry burns while Rudd fiddles.

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MEDIA RELEASE Alby Schultz MP Federal Member for Hume

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Car industry burns while Rudd fiddles

Alby Schultz, Federal Member for Hume, today noted that Victorian automotive parts maker Teson Trims will close, with the loss of 110 jobs.

“This is a sad indictment on the Rudd Labor Government which continues to fiddle while the automotive industry burns.

“Since being elected and promising to keep Australia as a country which ‘makes things’, the following auto industry jobs have been lost on Mr Rudd’s watch: Mitsubishi 930

National Parts 300

Holden 531

South Pacific Tyres 600

Ford 350

Teson Trims 110

TOTAL 2,821

New car sales are down over 12 percent on the same period last year, putting increasing pressure on both car manufacturers and components suppliers.

Yet the only thing Mr Rudd has actually done for the automotive industry since coming to office is increase the luxury car tax by 30 percent, which will undoubtedly further depress sales, while conversely providing tax breaks for more than 25 competing imported models.

The results of the Bracks’ Review into the Australian automotive industry have been with this Labor Government for over two months.

Mr Rudd needs to finally take some action and deliver a concrete response to this review lest the damage to the industry continues.

“With over 150 reviews and commissions and inquiries in progress, we have to see some action when the results are delivered, else why have the reviews?” asked Alby Schultz.

Of course, for a photo opportunity, Labor gave $70million to Toyota to spend building a hybrid car outside Australia even though they said they didn’t need or want the money - no review there!

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