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Gillard and Swan at odds on carbon tax.

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Media Release

Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane for the Liberal Party of Australia Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

The Hon Greg Hunt MP

Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Federal Member for Flinders

Sunday 15 August 2010


Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan are at odds over Labor’s plans to tax carbon pollution.

This morning on Meet the Press, Wayne Swan tried to rule out Labor imposing a price on carbon:

SWAN: Well certainly what we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax from the Liberals in their advertising. We certainly reject that. What we’ve said is that we will go back and seek to reconstruct a community consensus about how we deal with climate change. We have, we have said that we will review where we are with that in 2012. Ah, we have said that we will have a comprehensive re-evaluation of all our ... of, of, of our approaches. As you know, ah, the Liberals are responsible for defeating the carbon pollution reduction scheme. They voted it down, not once, but twice, but three times. We’ll have a look at where we’re going in 2012.

But just half an hour later on Channel 9, Ms Gillard confirmed that her Citizens’ Assembly is nothing more than a smoke-screen for the coming carbon tax:

GILLARD: Our climate change policy comes from someone who believes in climate change, comes from someone who wants to lead a national debate to make sure that we’ve got the community consensus we need for a carbon pollution reduction scheme and a cap on carbon pollution and a price mechanism to get there.

Mr Swan is deceiving the Australian public with his claims that Labor won’t implement a carbon tax.

Clearly, according to the Prime Minister herself, they will.

They are trying to have a bet each. But the reality is they are ducking and weaving and twisting and turning to try to avoid admitting their plans for a big new electricity tax.

Today's performances by Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard point to Labor’s dishonest plan to try to hide their carbon tax.

Media Release

Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane for the Liberal Party of Australia Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

They want to try to slide into office relying on their ridiculed Citizens’ Assembly - before whacking higher electricity prices on mums and dads and farmers and pensioners. Labor’s plan for everything always resorts to a big new tax.

In contract, the Coalition will take real action on climate change that won’t increase the cost of living, through a $3.2 billion commitment to an emissions reduction fund and a 15,000 strong standing ‘Green Army’.

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