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Child care prices spiralling out of control.

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Child Care Prices Spiralling Out of Control

Today’s inflation figures confirm child care is being priced out of reach of Australian families, with a massive 12.4 per cent rise over the last 12 months.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures prove that Labor’s call for more child care places is critical to keep families’ bank balances in the black.

The Howard Government has let child care prices spiral out of the reach of many parents across Australia and many others are being slugged with an ever-increasing financial burden.

How can parents afford child care when it is getting more and more expensive each year?

This Government’s claim to be family friendly is incredible when it taxes us through the roof, but can’t do anything to stop the ever-increasing financial burden of getting child care for our kids.

Labor has been calling for more child care places to ensure affordable and accessible child care for families, but the Howard Government has let us down again.

This is proving to be a very bad National Children’s Week for the Government - first they drop the ball on Early Education with the release of their flimsy report Towards a National Agenda for Early Childhood, and now the Bureau of Statistics shows that families are being weighed down by booming child care prices.

This is a problem that is affecting parents across the country. Australia wide, childcare costs are up 7.3 percent just in the last 3 months. This is the largest quarterly increase of any category in the whole Consumer Price Index basket.

Australia’s children and parents deserve better than John Howard’s high tax, high child care cost Government.


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