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Hume City Council Australian Made campaign.

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Kelly & Windsor Campbellfield, Victoria

It is a pleasure to share a platform again with Councillor Ogilvie and the tireless Member for Calwell, Maria Vamvakinou.

We teamed up just a few weeks ago to announce Commonwealth funding for the new Craigieburn library.

It is also a pleasure to catch up with Ian Harrison again and to support the fantastic work being done by the Australian Made Campaign.

My aim is to see as many people as possible buying Australian - both in this country and overseas.

My own predilection for Australian-made suits and Australian-made cars is well known.

I always look for local products when I shop, and the green and gold Australian Made logo makes that task much easier.

It is my guarantee that the purchases I make will support Australian industry and Australian jobs.

It is fantastic to see Hume City Council and so many of the municipality’s leading businesses getting behind the campaign.

The roll-call of Australian Made licensees in Hume includes firms in traditional industries such as textiles, plastics, furniture, food processing, and metal products.

It includes firms in high-tech industries such as machine tool and instrument making.

One of those firms - Techni Waterjet - has just been awarded a $499,000 grant from the Climate Ready program to develop a servo-pump for waterjet cutting machines that will reduce energy and water consumption by 70 per cent. Not that I want anyone to think that only high-tech industries are capable of innovation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Every Australian industry and every Australian firm is capable of renewing its operations and outputs to become more productive and competitive.

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Senator the Hon Kim Carr

11 Jun 2009

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For example, our generous hosts, Kelly & Windsor, have demonstrated their strong commitment to innovation in processing alpaca fleece - Australian-grown, of course.

The global recession has revived debate about how we can best support Australian industry.

The most important point to remember in this debate is the one I made a moment ago - Australia can’t build sustainable prosperity by producing things solely for domestic consumption.

We are a trading nation and our goal must be to secure a place in global markets and supply chains.

Why should only Australians have the opportunity to buy Australian?

This is a privilege I want the whole world to enjoy.

The Government’s trade policies are geared to opening up world markets for Australian goods and services.

At home, our goal is to giving local firms full, fair and reasonable opportunities to participate in both public sector and private sector projects - including through

Australian industry participation plans.

This is the key to maximising employment, innovation and industry development.

There is much more we can do on this score while still meeting our international treaty obligations.

We can start by building industry capacity and giving Australian firms the best possible chance to compete.

That’s what the government is doing through Enterprise Connect, the Industry Capability Network, the Supplier Access to Major Projects Program, Industry Innovation Councils and a host of other initiatives.

I’m determined to re-energise our efforts in this area to get our industries through the present crisis in good shape for the future.

This is a priority not just for me, but for the whole Government.

Like Hume City Council, we are true believers in Australian Made.

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