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Government inaction sends Swift Parrot closer to extinction.

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Bob Brown

Australian Senate Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

media release

22 October 2008

Government inaction sends Swift Parrot closer to extinction

The Swift Parrot's decline towards extinction is not being slowed by Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett who won't intervene to save it, according to Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown.

"Prime Minister Rudd now must exercise his powers under the Regional Forest Agreement to save critical habitat destined for logging," Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown said the decline was underscored by Minister Garrett's refusal, on ABC Radio National this morning, to do anything except write a letter to the Tasmanian Government noting that the species was in decline.

"This abrogation of his responsibility is in light of this week's scientific report that shows the Swift Parrot population has crashed below 1,000 breeding pairs, and that hundreds of hectares of critical habitat in Wielangta and south-east Tasmania is scheduled for obliteration this summer."

"Seventy-two years after the last Thylacine died in the Hobart Zoo as a result of Government inaction - the Swift Parrot is being hounded to extinction by government deliberation."

Senator Brown said it was now up to Prime Minister Rudd to use his powers to enforce the RFA.

"Prime Minister Rudd has a personal responsibility under clause 68 of the RFA to protect rare and threatened fauna, but so far this has not occurred."

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