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At least Canberra got the point.

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At least Canberra got the point

FIONA SIMPSON MP Shadow Minister for Health

Shadow Minister for Women’s Policy

Member for Maroochydore

10 October 2003

At least Canberra got the point

Opposition Health spokesperson, Fiona Simpson, today welcomed news the Federal Coalition Government was set to trial retractable syringes in Queensland.

“The State Coalition first raised the issue of retractable syringes at the 1998 State Election,” Miss Simpson said.

“But the Beattie Labor Government has dragged its feet on the issue, and it has been up to the Federal Coalition Government to step in and make it actually happen.” Miss Simpson said she welcomed Labor Health Minister, Wendy Edmond’s back-flip on the issue.

“Wendy Edmond is now reported as saying she is keen for Queensland to participate in the pilot studies. Yet she managed to twice block moves in State Parliament to introduce retractable syringes by me and also by Liz Cunningham, Member for Gladstone.


“If Mrs Edmond is now such a keen proponent of retractable syringes one wonders exactly what she has been doing for the past 5 years.

“She has had ample opportunity to do something - 5 years in fact - but she has left it up to the Federal Coalition Government to actually do something about it.” Miss Simpson said she believed the trial of retractable syringes under the Needle and Syringe Programs was a positive step in the right direction.

“Illicit drug users are choosing to destroy their own lives, but retractable syringes will limit their ability to destroy the lives of other innocent needle-stick victims.” Media inquiries: Fiona Simpson on pager 1300 555 555 quote 40215