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Abetz's message to the stars censored!

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Wed, 12th August 2009


Senator the Hon Eric Abetz

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

The Shadow Minister for Science and Research, Senator Eric Abetz, today expressed disappointment that his

message to the stars as part of National Science Week had been censored.

In response to Senator Carr’s invitation to send his dreams via text to Gliese 581d, Senator Abetz sent the

following: “The Coalition dreams that by the time you receive this message in 2029 Australia will be free of Labor debt. Sadly we're not holding our breath!”

Sadly, the following message was received in response: Hi Senator Eric Abetz,

Your interstellar message was deemed inappropriate by the moderators and has been rejected and will not

appear on the HELLO FROM EARTH site nor be transmitted.

Kind Regards, Team

Senator Abetz said:

“It seems that the view has been formed that the inhabitants of Gliese 581d would be so disturbed to hear about

Labor’s $315 billion debt that its existence should be kept from them!”