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PM’s no-confidence vote on Canberra.

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Senator Kate Lundy Shadow Minister for Manufacturing and Consumer Affairs Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Thursday 14 April 2005

PM’s no-confidence vote on Canberra

The Howard Government is hypocritical in condemning the ACT for poor tourism performance when the Prime Minister himself damages Canberra’s image nationally and internationally by choosing not to live here.

How can the Federal Government expect tourists to flock to a place their own Prime Minister chooses to avoid?

The Prime Minister’s move to the Lodge is 9 years overdue.

His move here could reap a dual benefit - an increase in tourism for Canberra and hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for the Australian taxpayer in bills for Mr Howard’s VIP jet commuting between Canberra and Kirribilli.

In any case, Minister Fran Bailey needs to consider the facts before launching into criticism of ACT Tourism. On a per capita basis the ACT spends significantly more than the bigger states of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western and South Australia.

Instead of criticising ACT Tourism, perhaps Minister Fran Bailey could prevail on the Prime Minister to live in the home specifically provided for him in Canberra.

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