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Superannuation Committee meets a community need.

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Superannuation committee meets a community need

The Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation, Senator John Watson, today reported that there is considerable evidence to suggest that the work of the Committee is valued by the community.

Senator Watson said: ‘Judging by hits on the Committee’s website there has been a deal of interest in the work of the Committee. Towards the end of the last parliament, in the period leading up to the federal election, the website of the Select Committee on Superannuation and Financial Services (as it was then known) recorded over 42,000 hits in one month, with an average of nearly 1,400 hits per day.’

Senator Watson also said: ‘Since then, interest in the work of the Committee has continued. In the last four months, there have been nearly 13,000 hits, with an average of over 80 per day. Almost half (43.62%) of the site visits have come from overseas. This is not surprising, since other countries also take an interest in Australia’s world class superannuation system and one of the Committee’s recent inquiries was to do with the taxation of overseas superannuation transfers.

It seems that issuing media releases, not only on Committee inquiries, but also on topics of general interest in the superannuation industry, and making Committee reports and submissions to Committee inquiries available on-line, appears to have gone a long way towards meeting community needs’.

For further details, contact: For comment: Senator John Watson, Chair 03 6331 4544 (Launceston, Tasmania)

For information: Sue Morton, Secretary 02 6277 3458

31 March 2003