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Open for science: speech, Adelaide.

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Ministers for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research


South Australian Museum Adelaide, South Australia

It’s always a pleasure to be in Adelaide, and there’s no better time to be here than when it’s Open for Science.

This is one of over 700 activities planned for National Science Week 2008.

That makes Australia’s science week one of the world’s great science festivals, and this year we expect nearly a million people to take part around the country.

Here in South Australia there are events all over Adelaide and as far afield as Whyalla.

Highlights include:

• Big Cats in Peril at the University of Adelaide, where Dr Luke Hunter will talk about Africa’s wild cats and how we can protect them.

• Brain Bending Illusions at St Peters Library, which reveals the tricks our senses can play on us.

• The Wetlands Tour at the Water Shed Sustainability Centre, which shows how the choices we make affect the environment around us.

• And Science on the Slab at the South Australian Museum’s mammal laboratory, where you can learn how to dissect a whale.

National Science Week is the party Australia puts on to celebrate science, and everyone is invited.

But we don’t just want you thinking about science for a day or two.

We want you thinking about science as a possible career.

Science isn’t just sums and test-tubes.

Science is about working in teams to solve problems that really matter to the world.

It’s about making life better for families and communities and young people just like yourselves.

Innovation Minister > Senator the Hon Kim Carr


Senator the Hon Kim Carr

18 Aug 2008

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It’s about using your imagination to build a brighter future.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to do something really magical and important with their life.

And if you go to Walkerville Primary, you start with a big advantage.

Did you know Mrs Marianne Nicholas at your school is one of the best science teachers in Australia?

She won the very first Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Teaching in Primary Schools in 2002.

If you want to know what’s so great about science, talk to her.

Or check out what’s happening during National Science Week.

It has its own website, and you can also find it at Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

And whenever you’re surfing the Internet, remember one thing - it was invented by scientists.

How cool is that?

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