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16 reasons why the Coalition health policy will hurt Australians.

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16 reasons why the Coalition health policy will hurt Australians

Nicola Roxon posted Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Whether you are a parent anxious to speak to a GP in the middle of the night because your child is sick, or trying to get your grandma’s hip surgery done more quickly, only one party at this election is offering to help - the Gillard Labor Government.

If you want more nurses, more GPs, and more specialists, only one party at this election is offering to help - the Gillard Labor Government.

And if you want a properly funded, sustainable health system for the future, using the latest modern technology to save lives, only one party is offering that too - the Gillard Labor Government.

Under Mr Abbott, the Coalition is walking away from the extra services and more doctors and nurses that will make sure our kids and grandkids can get the care they need into the future.

In stark contrast to Federal Labor’s comprehensive investments in health services across the country, Mr Abbott’s policy will:

· Cut investment in emergency department infrastructure.

· Cut training for extra specialist emergency doctors and nurses.

· Trash the new four hour rule in emergency departments.

· Cut funding for shorter elective surgery waiting times.

· Trash the new elective surgery guarantee.

· Stop the free after hours GP helpline.

· Stop an electronic health record for the future.

· Walk away from high, national quality standards.

· Hide their failings and keep the public in the dark by cutting the MyHospitals website.

· Cut funding for practice nurses.

· Stop better care for diabetics.

· Cut funding for GP Super Clinics.

· Cut training money for carers and nurses in aged care.

· Jump into bed with big tobacco companies and dump plain packaging for cigarettes.

· Trash the independent hospital pricing authority.

· Cut hospital funding by walking away from a 60 per cent fixed funding share.

With Mr Abbott’s record of ripping $1 billion out of our public hospitals when he was Health Minister, the community should be worried that he vaguely refers to funding only around 40 per cent of hospital costs, leaving an $18 billion funding shortfall compared to the Gillard Labor Government’s plan.

And with no independent pricing authority, there are alarm bells for doctors and nurses about how Mr Abbott will set a price for the vital services they provide to millions of Australians each and every day.

The Coalition is continuing its workforce blind-spot, by failing to include any initiatives to expand and support our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

The meagre announcements made to date by the Coalition all have big funding gaps, or cut other vital services. Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t good health policy.

What health services will be next on the Coalition hit list as Mr Abbott and Mr Robb scramble to fund the $500 million hole exposed in their hospitals bed announcement?

Tony Abbott’s lack of economic judgement and plans to cut health show he does not have the judgement to be the Prime Minister.

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