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Beazley finally admits unfair dismissal problem - but offers flawed solution.

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Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service 21 March, 2006

Media Release


Beazley Finally Admits Unfair Dismissal Problem - But Offers Flawed Solution

After opposing the Federal Government’s attempts to reform unfair dismissal laws at every

opportunity since 1996, Kim Beazley has finally conceded that there is a problem with the current


Speaking on radio in Melbourne this morning, Mr. Beazley said:

“All that needed to be done in unfair dismissal laws is to remove the ambulance chasing lawyers. To make it easier

for and, for a decision to be reached at the site, instead of dragging the poor employer down to the arbitration


(Kim Beazley, Interview with Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW, 21 March 2006)

Of course, Mr. Beazley was unable to say exactly what he would do in government, beyond re-regulating the system

and introducing uncertainty:


So you will change, you’ll change unfair dismissal laws?


So we’ll, well they’re gone now but we would reintroduce them on an employer and workplace friendly and

employee friendly basis.


So you’ll bring back the unfair dismissal laws?


Not the unfair dismissal law that now exists. We’ll have a new proposition.

(Kim Beazley, Interview with Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW, 21 March 2006)

After ten years of opportunistic bluster, Mr. Beazley has finally admitted there is a problem.

However, Mr. Beazley’s solution is to re-regulate and re-impose what he admits is a flawed system

on Australian employers.

Once again, Kim Beazley is putting the interests of his union mates ahead of the interests of

Australian employers and employees.

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