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The dice man's deal.

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Media Release Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage Dr David Kemp

26 May 2004


The dice man's deal

“we haven't got the luxury of sort of playing footsies with candidates like the Greens who've got these ridiculous policies that would dramatically harm economic development . . .”

- Mark Latham, ABC Illawarra, 18 October 2002

“For us, job protection is not negotiable,”

- Mark Latham, Tahune Forest, 17 March 2004

That was then, this is now.

Since then, Mark Latham has done an opportunistic preference deal with Bob Brown.

The price? Under a Latham Government, we will get Kyoto, a 5 per cent Mandatory Renewable Energy Target and a domestic emissions trading system.

The cost? According to a recent report from the Allen Consulting Group, electricity price increases up to 27 per cent, reduced GDP and the jobs of 15,000 Australians - the equivalent of over 20 Mitsubishi closures.

Where is Mark Latham's concern for jobs now? Gone, forgotten in the scramble for Green preferences.

Mark Latham is the Dice Man, the biggest risk to sit on Labor's front bench since Gough Whitlam. And when he rolls the dice, Australia loses.