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Victorian couple show how to save fuel and cut emissions.

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water Federal Member for Flinders Sunday 22 June 2008 VICTORIAN COUPLE SHOW HOW TO SAVE FUEL AND CUT EMISSIONS A Victorian couple will today show Australians an easy way to save fuel and cut emissions, when they set out to drive from Melbourne to Canberra on less than one tank of fuel. I will wave the flag to start the Melbourne to Canberra fuel efficiency challenge by my constituents, John and Helen Taylor of Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula. John and Helen hold a number of world fuel efficiency records using techniques such as improving driving methods, planning and simple vehicle maintenance. They will demonstrate how to save up to 30 per cent in fuel usage with simple techniques such as: • Smooth driving - avoiding hard acceleration and observe the traffic ahead to reduce braking • Minimise the use of air conditioning - use the fan unless it is extremely hot • Keep windows shut and remove roof racks not in use - to improve aerodynamic efficiency • Use higher gears in manual vehicles - change to higher gears sooner than later • Plan your trips with traffic and stoppages in mind - avoid peak hour traffic • Ensure the vehicle is well tuned - and that tyres are pumped up properly. Such techniques helped John and Helen set a new around Australia fuel efficiency Guinness World Record. They reported a fuel consumption rate of 3.13 litres per 100 kilometres or 90.75 miles per gallon. They also reported their vehicle produced 90.7 grams of CO2 per km compared with a national average of 285 grams per km. As fuel prices continue to skyrocket, Australian drivers need all the help they can get to cut costs. Just watching fuel prices isn’t the answer. And the Rudd Government still won’t concede how much their emissions trading plan will push up prices even more. Better driving, planning and vehicle maintenance can help to deliver big cost savings on fuel bills, along with a national plan for vehicle emission standards. But Mr Rudd still won’t talk to Australia about his emissions trading plans due out next month that could ultimately force up petrol by 10, 20 or even 30 cents a litre. Media contact: John Deller on 0400 496 596