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Latham's lame Iraq lines.

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June 7 2004

Latham’s lame Iraq lines

Labor Leader Mark Latham’s ill-informed and glib comments about Iraq today raise more questions than they answer.

This is vintage Latham: a few superficial lines tested in focus groups masquerading as policy.

The Australian public is owed a proper explanation and examination of his promise to cut and run from Iraq.

1. When he said on Channel Nine this morning that “the best solution will come under United Nations leadership,” what does he mean?

2. Who would provide the troops? Would France, Germany and Russia suddenly change tack and support a complete UN takeover of Iraq, just because a Latham Government had been elected in Australia?

3. When he closes Australia’s embassy in Baghdad because we have no troops there to protect it, how will Australia be able to deliver the humanitarian and development aid that Mr Latham says Iraq deserves?

4. When he closes Australia’s embassy in Baghdad, how will he support Australia’s substantial commercial interests in Iraq?

5. How will recalling 850 Australian Defence Personnel from the Middle East to join their more than 50,000 colleagues in Australia make us safer?

Mr Latham still has not sought a briefing on Australia’s role in international efforts to bring security and stability to Iraq.

Under Labor policy, Saddam Hussein would still be in power. Labor has no plan for Iraq.

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