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Seven reports in seven years: Alston's last chance.

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Senator Kate Lundy Senator for the Australian Capital Territory Shadow Minister for Information Technology and Sport


Seven reports in seven years: Alston’s last chance

The long overdue ICT Framework for the Future is the Minister’s last chance to develop a credible policy for the Information and Communications Technology Industry in Australia.

Report after report - seven in seven years (attached) - has recommended specific action, but the Coalition has repeatedly failed to deliver.

The terms of reference for the ICT Framework for the Future Steering Committee must be answered specifically and comprehensively. (Terms of reference attached)

If this report fails in the most basic way, the Minister must resign. As chairperson of this committee, it is appropriate that he be held responsible for it.

Australia needs a plan that takes advantage of the opportunities that technological change presents both socially and economically. A strong ICT industry is central to this.

The Minister has had every chance to take up this challenge and support ICT Small Business. Instead he has chosen to respond with little more than a sneering disregard for the industry.

I call on the Minister to stop procrastinating about the Framework For the Future Report and release it immediately.

26 March 2003

Please find attached the seven previously released reports and the Terms of Reference for the ICT Framework For the Future Steering Committee.

Media Contact: Adina Cirson 0418 488 295 or 6277 3334

Senator Kate Lundy Media Release 26 March 2003 Seven Reports in Seven Years: Alston’s last chance ______________________________

Previous Reports

• Spectator or Player: Competitiveness of Australia’s Information Industries. (Allen Consulting) March 1997

• Going for Growth: Business Programs for Investment, Innovation and Export (The Mortimer Report) June 1997

• Information Industries Taskforce: The Global Information Economy: The Way Ahead (The Goldsworthy Report ) July 1997

• IPAC A National Policy Framework for Structural Adjustment Within the New Commonwealth of Information (The Cutler Report) 1997

• The IT Engine Room: SME’s in Australia’s IT&T Industry (AIIA and DCITA) 1999

• Australia’s ICT Research Base: Driving the New Economy (Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council) 2000

• A Chance to Change: Final Report by the Chief Scientist (The Batterham Report) 2000

Media Contact: Adina Cirson 0418 488 295 or 6277 3334

Media Contact: Adina Cirson 0418 488 295 or 6277 3334

Senator Kate Lundy Media Release 26 March 2003 Seven Reports in Seven Years: Alston’s last chance ______________________________

Terms of Reference for ICT Framework For the Future (

Development of the Framework will be guided by a Steering Committee, chaired by the Minister for Communications, IT and the Arts. The Steering Committee will:

• assess the current state of the ICT sector in Australia in a global context;

• forecast the major drivers of global technological change and the underpinning success factors that will impact on the Australia ICT sector over the next decade;

• identify priority sub-sectors where Australia's ICT sector can achieve/enhance world leadership and/or which will underpin ongoing innovation in the sector;

• identify the respective contributions that can be made by government, industry and the research community to the Framework; and

• make recommendations to both government and industry on strategies/actions to enable Australia's ICT sector to take maximum advantage of future opportunities.