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Shorten knows diddly squat.

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Margaret May MP Shadow Minister for Ageing

Shadow Minister for Ageing Margaret May said Australia was in for a rough ride with the Rudd Government at the helm.

Margaret said: ''Australia is coming to terms with an inexperienced team of politicians who don't have a clue about very basic things.

''For example I could not believe my ears when I heard the Hon Bill Shorten MP (Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services) on the radio this morning claiming that the Labor Government had introduced the Utilities Allowance.

''The Utilities Allowance was introduced by the Howard Government to assist older Australians to meet regular bills such as gas, electricity and water.

''For a senior politician in the Rudd Government, a politician who is responsible for a portfolio, to show such ignorance about government policy beggars belief.

''Mr Shorten then went on to say that he didn't know whether the Utilities Allowance could go towards gas bills. He quickly corrected his statement when the Minister for Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Jenny Macklin's office) phoned in to say the purpose of the Allowance was for exactly those types of bills - electricity, water and gas.

''But my surprise doesn't compare to the very real sense of unease I felt when Mr Shorten, while on the Gold Coast last year, claimed that all GST revenue went into Federal Government coffers. Mr Shorten said in August: ''The feds are the ones with the river of gold - it's called the GST - yet what

are they doing to reinvest?'' ''Its apparent Mr Shorten still doesn't have a clue about how the Australian economy or how the Australian political system works.

''I hope he now understands that not one cent of GST revenue reaches Federal Government coffers.

''It's well known that Ministers in the Rudd Government aren't allowed to speak without the puppet master's script.

''With the puppet master overseas, and left to their own devices we see first hand how bungling the Ministers are.

''Maybe Prime Minister Rudd should give all his Ministers a ''laptop'' to do their homework on'', Mrs May said.