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New Minister must pick up the ball.

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Tue, 9th June 2009

New Minister must pick up the ball

The Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

“Despite its denials of recent months the Government obviously knows its soft policy on people smuggling is failing,” Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Dr Sharman Stone said today.

“Mr Debus finally understood that he was not up to the immigration and people smuggling task entrusted to him. However he is leaving his portfolio and Australia more exposed to people smuggling and putting more asylum seekers in greater danger than ever before.

“We hope that the new minister will pick up the ball that has been dropped by Mr Debus; otherwise the consequences will be dire.

“The current soft policies, as overseen by the hapless Mr Debus, have failed.

“The Coalition also hopes that the new Minister Brendan O’Connor works to re-establish Australia’s reputation as fair but firm in managing its immigration program and asylum seeker policies,” Dr Stone said.