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Latham following John Howard's example.

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Latham Following John Howard’s Example

Liberal Senator for Tasmania Richard Colbeck today welcomed the visit of Federal Labor leader Mark Latham to the North of Tasmania.

“I welcome Mr Latham’s visit following Prime Minister John Howard’s leadership in visiting Northern Tasmania twice this year,” Senator Colbeck said.

“Mr Latham has realised that the electorates of Braddon and Bass are winnable for the Liberal Party at the next election, that’s why he’s here.”

“Just as he has done with his own policy imbalance, he is in Tasmania on damage control in an attempt to shore up seats where he knows Labor is under threat.”

“I hope Mr Latham doesn’t fall for the age old trap of buying votes at any cost. Promises must be costed and we should all question how any of his announcements are going to be paid for.”

“At the 2001 Federal Election all Labor offered Tasmania was a smoke and mirror package, the only outcome of which was more debt.”

“Mr Latham already has a history of intolerance towards the rural and regional sector. He is on the record criticising programs for rural areas, farmers and regional taxpayers … ‘the farm sector is already the most heavily subsidised part of the economy. Over the years it has secured from government a long list of tax concessions and handouts.’ He went on to say …’Just last week I uncovered another nice little earner called FarmBis.’ (Source: Daily Telegraph, 19 February, 2001).

Senator Colbeck said, “Mr Latham has even criticised Government spending on telecommunications improvements in rural and regional areas, preferring upgrades in urban areas.” (Source: Daily Telegraph, 5 March, 2001).

“Mr Latham is clearly demonstrating city-centric focus and is no friend of regional Australia.”

“We recently saw a Labor back-flip on GST and Mr Latham’s policy preferences, firmly on the public record, are not only unpopular with the Australian public, especially within regional Australia, but they are also unpopular within his own Party as the closeness of the recent leadership battle proved.”

Media contact: Senator Richard Colbeck, 0438 245960 08/12/2003