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Greens welcome pension increase.

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Greens welcome pension increase Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert Sunday 14th June 2009, 12:00am in

• Family & Community • Pensioners

Australian Greens Senator and spokesperson for Community Services Rachel Siewert today welcomed the introduction of the legislation this week to increase the aged pension and carer payments.

"This legislation is a real win for the Greens and for the community. It follows a long campaign to pressure the government to increase the income of some of the most vulnerable Australians," Senator Siewert said.

"However, the Greens are concerned that single parents and the unemployed have been left out. We will be moving amendments in the Senate to ensure those Australians who find themselves out of work-thousands of who have lost their jobs due to the global economic downturn and through no fault of their own-have enough to make ends meet.

"The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have admitted they could not survive on the aged pension, yet people who rely on Newstart while they are between jobs survive on just $226 a week - which is far less than the aged pension rate.

"Single parents are struggling on below the aged pension rate and raising children in poverty. During hard economic times the government has a responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community don't get left behind," Senator Siewert said.