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Stone's simplistic analysis of NT referendum: an insult to Territorians.

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Media Statement


Senator Andrew Murray 

Australian Democrats 

Spokesperson on Electoral Matters





Stone's Simplistic Analysis of NT Referendum 

An Insult to Territorians

The NT Chief Minister's claim that Territorians rejected Statehood on t he basis of losing cracker nights and gaining speed limits is a simplistic and condescending analysis which overlooks the important issue of the inadequacies of the Country Liberal Party's preferred Constitution.

Democrats spokesperson on Electoral Matters, Senator Andrew Murray says Shane Stone should acknowledge that Territorians are better informed than he assumes.

"It is more likely the negative result of the referendum reflects a reluctance on the part of Territorians to give more power to an entrenched political party operating under an unrepresentative electoral system," Senator Murray said.

"The draft Constitution rejected by Territorians is the result of an undemocratic convention which ignored real concerns such as a Bill of Rights and protection of the Environment and land rights.

"A more consultative process, involving proportionally elected representatives to formulate a new Constitution would have ensured that issues important to Territorians were properly considered and incorporated.

"Instead, the CLP appointed the delegates to the Statehood Convention and directed the outcome in an attempt to manipulate the issue to their own political gain," the Senator said.

"As the issue of Statehood is now off the political agenda until the year 2001, the CLP should take the opportunity to listen to Territorians in order to make genuine progress towards a fair and acceptable Constitution and thus, statehood."