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Transcript of doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra: 12 October 2005

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Joel Fitzgibbon MP

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Shadow Minister for Revenue Shadow Minister for Small Business and Competition


FITZGIBBON: Well, Back down Barnaby has now come back Barnaby and hopefully the events of last night show that the Senate isn’t prepared to simply be a rubber stamp on extreme policy proposals, and hopefully John Howard’s extreme Industrial Relations package will be it’s next victim. Labor put forward a very very sensible compromise on mergers law. It would have saved business cost and time and it would have also kept the ACCC in the game and retained those very, very important protections for small business and the consumer. We now invite Mr Costello to reconsider Labor’s alternative proposals so we can get the bill through both in approved mergers terms and also the collective bargaining arrangements for small business.

JOURNALIST: … Have you been ostracised by your colleagues as a result of the Latham diaries?

FITZGIBBON: No, not at all. We remain a united and happy family very focused on one thing and that is winning the next election.

JJOURNALIST: What is your reaction to the diaries?

FITZGIBBON: Well, Mark Latham is a long standing mate of mine and remains a good friend. Obviously I don’t agree with everything that Mark said in the diaries and I don’t agree with some of his methods. But at the same time I think that there are some important messages in the diaries for the Party, and indeed the political processes generally, and I think the Party and the media, and of course all players in our democracy, need to hear those important messages.