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Gone - 55,000 full-time jobs.

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley


The ABS Labour Force figures released today show that 55,100 full-time jobs were destroyed last month.

“Today’s figures provide further evidence that the Howard Government is taking Australia down the employment low road,” said Federal Member for Chifley Roger Price MP.

“Over 55,000 Australians lost full-time jobs in March, eclipsing the small rise in full-time employment experienced last month. Yesterday’s rise in interest rates places future employment growth under a cloud.

“The Howard Government is relying on sharp falls in the participation rate just to hold the unemployment rate steady. Last month, 44,000 Australians gave up the search for work and the labour force participation rate is at its lowest level for more than two years.

“Economic growth under the Howard Government has again failed to deliver the well-paid, secure jobs on which decent living standards for workers and their families in Western Sydney depend”, Mr Price said.

“Over the past three years, the Howard Government has created a paltry 600 middle-income jobs. While the Western Sydney community aspires to a high-wage, high-skill future, John Howard and Peter Costello are determined to take us down a low-pay, low-skill path.

“With the Government planning to cut $120 million from the Job Network -and ruling out additional funding for higher education - it seems that the May Budget will keep Australia firmly on the Howard low-skill road,” Mr Price concluded.

Ends 9 May 2002

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