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MP should burn midnight oil on environment research.

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The Western Australian Labor Government and Federal Labor MP Peter Garrett, have ignored overwhelming research that proves a desalination plant is environmentally damaging, according to Dr Dennis Jensen, Federal Member for Tangney.

Dr Jensen last night told Federal parliament that Mr Garrett, a former controversial rock star and environmental activist, was wrong to claim the Gallop Government’s desalination plant proposal was ‘prudent’ and ‘superior’. Mr Garrett made the comments in parliament this week.

“A desalination plant would require twenty megawatts of power to run. This is ten per cent of Perth’s already stretched electricity supply.”

“It would also mean that hundreds of kilograms of chlorine, hundreds of kilograms of coagulants and over a tonne of sodium bisulphate go into the system every day.”

“Where are all these chemicals going to go in terms of effluent?”

“The proposed site of the desalination plant is at Cockburn sound where a thriving mussel industry exists. The Sound is not well known for flushing,” Dr Jensen said.

Dr Jensen said a desalination plant is not simply a case of putting salt water into a system and getting fresh drinking water out the other side and that the saline residual will sink to the bottom of Cockburn sound and poison marine plant life.

Dr Jensen said Mr Garrett parades his environmental credentials but has failed to read the evidence on chemical damage caused by desalination.

“ Mr Garrett has resorted to rock star politics and rhetoric instead of factual research “

“Perhaps he should have burned the midnight oil a little more.”